Trust The Doc Live Streaming

Audience at Vanishing Point 5th December 1

I am exploring the potential to promote some virtual live events which would be like gigs in the sense that it would mean putting four acts together on one night. The concept, if I can sort out the means and the terms to make it worth doing, will be:

  • 4 bands/artists playing very short sets (10 minutes) from their own self-isolated locations using their own camera and audio

  • the performances to be streamed in fixed time slots via one central server

  • the Trust The Doc New Music Playlist to play between the acts

  • gigs to be free to watch but with the facility for audience members to make a voluntary contribution should they wish to

  • any net profits to be passed on to the bands/artists by payment transfer once the costs of putting on the gig are calculated

I do not anticipate this making money for any of us but it is a way that I can keep the Trust The Doc and Vanishing Point names out there and a chance for new and emerging artists to have a platform that isn’t just you doing a one-off gig on your own. It also has the benefit that for once I can put on acts from not just anywhere in the UK but potentially anywhere in the world. If it is successful we could continue doing it even after COVID-19 as well as promoting physical gigs.

I also want it to be an opportunity to remind fans of new music of the important relationship between artists, promoters and supportive cool venues like AMP Studios and The Amersham Arms who I continue to work with to support live new music in South East London. Also the amazing Lost For Words. The people who run and work at these venues are amazing and we are all friends and fellow musicians and enthusiasts.

If you are interested in being involved in one of my live stream events on the above basis, drop me a line to and I will be in touch when plans are in place.

#SupportNewMusic #Live StreamGigs