VP Solo prelim 2Vanishing Point Solo is the sister event to Vanishing Point. The next one will see Cholly Environmental Sound Foundation Smallhaus Chris Bounty at Cafe of Good Hope, Place Ladywell, Lewisham on 7th March. Get tickets here for £4 (advance). It will be £5 door.

Cholly ScreenshotESF & Dilara VPS B&W

Although it is called Vanishing Point Solo it is not just for promoting solo artists. But it is an event for acts whose performances are smaller scale and don’t require a full size stage, PA system and backline.


Vanishing Point Solo was previously known as The Music of Sound and was launched on 1st November 2018 at the Cafe of Good Hope in Lewisham. Due to the Xmas & New Year Break there was no VPS gig in January. Tickets for 7th March will be on sale shortly.