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Welcome to Vanishing Point @ AMP Studios. At the moment the monthly gigs are suspended due to the COVID-19 situation. Ticket holders for the scheduled gig on 2nd April 2020 have been refunded in full. Keep checking in for news of when we are able to reconvene.

VP16 March 2020-2 IMG_20191107_203055 VP16 March 2020-2

Vanishing Point is a live eclectic new music event which is promoted by Demerara Records. It takes place on the first Thursday of every month at AMP Studios on Old Kent Road, South East London. Read amazing reviews of the September gig and February 2019 gig. 

The next Vanishing Point had been due to take place on 2nd April at our new home in AMP Studios. It is the intention that once the event is back on, the same line-up will appear at the opening night. That means four hot live acts with BBC IntroducingFresh on the Net and Dazed Magazine pedigree:


Singled out this month by Dazed as one of six emerging Welsh artists to check out, Wil brings dazzling sounds, multi-instrumental talents & an amazing voice along with an energetic live show.


LeahPaul do as it says on the tin, mixing Punk with Disco and underlying Psyche influences to create an exciting noise.


Ignacio SimónMariuca García-Lomas bring their ambient electronic soundscapes to the live stage.


The highly respected Felix brings her Bass Guitar, electronic soundscapes and cool visuals  with short punchy experimental electro-dub and ambient tracks.