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You can also get this fantastic book explaining how streaming and playlists work, written by one of the world’s leading playlist creators and influencers Mike Warner here.

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Neil March has written and continues to write a number of articles and reviews for Fresh on the Net . You can find links to them all here. Also see articles by other contributors below.

For Neil’s Trust The Doc blog click here

An Independent Music Conversation (by Neil March)

Emerging from the Mist (Part Five) – Trying to achieve success in the Independent Music Sector (by Neil March, published by Fresh on the Net)

Why we need an Independent Music Conversation (by Neil March)

BBC Radio 6 Music – Credit where it’s due (by Neil March)

From New Cross to a New Music Life – Goldsmiths University-published blog by Neil March

The Freedoms of being a mature, independent musician by Paul Kent

Emerging from the Mist (Parts One to Four). Click here for Part 1; here for Part 2; here for Part 3; here for Part 4 – published by Fresh on the Net (each part deals with a specific new music subject)

What do we mean by New Music? – Composer & Reviews Writer Neil March considers the question and why it matters.

British Jazz Invasion: The Guardian’s Kate Hutchinson interviews 7 exciting UK Jazz artists.

Understanding the music industry: is academia up to speed with its teachings? by Dr Neil March

UK Music Support Structures are leading to well-meaning dysfunction by Dr Neil March

Follow the Freshnet Model: Neil March asks why there isn’t an art music equvalent of Fresh on the Net

The Shame of UK Music Academia’s lack of inclusiveness (by Dr Neil March)

The Living Myth Mr Ree – Sun Ra and the search for The Sacred (by Dilara Aydin-Corbett)

Guide to managing your music career

How Germany’s Synth-Electronic Music Has Taken Centre Stage in the New Music of Today (by Dr Neil March)

Are popular music fans just the victims of brainwashing then? I think not (by Dr Neil March)

Developing an Urban Art Music (PhD Thesis by Dr Neil March)