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The Impact of Digital Technology on Current Post Punk influenced music (draft) by Dr Neil March. Read article here.

Neil March has written and continues to write a number of articles and reviews for Fresh on the Net . You can find links to them all here. Also see articles by other contributors below.

British Jazz Invasion: The Guardian’s Kate Hutchinson interviews 7 exciting UK Jazz artists.

What do we mean by New Music? – Composer & Reviews Writer Neil March considers the question and why it matters.

The Living Myth Mr Ree – Sun Ra and the search for The Sacred (by Dilara Aydin-Corbett)

Germany’s Electronic Music Tradition: An Alternative to the Old Schools (by Dr Neil March). Read article here.

Are popular music fans just the victims of brainwashing then? I think not (by Dr Neil March)

The Freedoms of being a mature, independent musician by Paul Kent

BBC Radio 6 Music – Credit where it’s due (by Neil March)

UK Music Support Structures are leading to well-meaning dysfunction by Dr Neil March

From New Cross to a New Music Life – Goldsmiths University-published blog by Neil March

The Shame of UK Music Academia’s lack of inclusiveness (by Dr Neil March)

Developing an Urban Art Music (PhD Thesis by Dr Neil March)