The Music of Sound EPK

The Music Of Sound‘s new EP Overground Sound is released by Dimple Discs on 22nd July 2022.

The Music Of Sound are a small multi-ethnic ensemble working with the Welsh composer Neil March. The current line-up is Anyia Sofia (Flute), Florie Namir (Piano) and Neil March (Synthesizer & Electronix) though other members perform with them periodically. The Music Of Sound’s most recent live performance was at the Tomorrow Calling Festival on Sunday 18th September. Check out the new EP here. You can also view video of the Music of Sound playing the new track Berceuse (from the little room) live here.

The name The Music of Sound, in addition to being a playful reference to a well-known musical, reflects their unique technique of taking recordings of actual environmental or urban sounds (construction machinery, engines, sirens etc.) from which they can derive pitch and, through digital manipulation, create actual harmony so that the sounds of their living and working environment become musical instruments and directly influence their harmonic language (as opposed to just being sound effects). The name was first revealed by BBC Radio 3’s Suzy Klein when she introduced them on the BBC Introducing Stage at Latitude Festival in 2017.

The Music Of Sound are signed to the South East London-based Anglo-Irish indie label Dimple Discs, home of The Undertones, Jah Wobble, Microdisney, Dragon Welding and Keeley to name a few. For more information please contact the band’s management at