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The latest edition (59) of the monthly Trust The Doc Blog is available here.

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Trust The Doc Media is a central element of promoter, broadcaster, author & musician Neil March‘s Operation New Music project; supported by the Arts Council of England & National Lottery. 

Through the TV Channel and radio shows, the monthly blog (see above) and the Trust The Doc New Music Playlist he supports as many talented music artists as possible including those who are restricted by mental health and mobility issues. The Trust The Doc radio show goes out every Saturday (5 – 7PM UK Time) on Exile FM and is available for a week on the podcast. A midweek pre-recorded show called Trust The Doc Extra is on every Wednesday evening at 8PM. Both are on Exile FM. The TV channel offers music magazine style programmes and provides further avenues for exposure of many new and emerging artists.

Neil hopes to soon be BACK putting on live music. Please support Operation  New Music in keeping grassroots live music alive and ensuring artists are properly rewarded for their performances. Neil is also a co-founder of the Grassroots Music Network which provides a range of support, advice and resources for artists and those in their support structures. It also investigates and advises about rogue promoters, pluggers, playlist scammers etc.

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