This is the web page for UK Composer Pianist Singer and Poet Dilara.

Dilara Composer Page PicDilara is currently undertaking postgraduate study at Guildhall College of Music & Drama and previously graduated in music at Goldsmiths, University of London.

She is a member of TIC (The Improvisers’ Choir) and is featured on their track Grain on the Demerara Records compilation album Vanishing Point (Vol. 1). She is also featured on the Environmental Sound Foundation track The Grass is Greener; a collaboration with composer Neil March who provided a musical sound art backdrop to Dilara’s powerful spoken word delivery and backing vocals. She also performs live with both Neil’s current projects.

Dilara has performed her music and the music of others including Neil March and Martin Gaughan and has developed a style of writing that blends her jazz and modally influenced harmonic language with significant elements of improvisation.

Read the TIC page about Dilara Aydin-Corbett here.

Dilara is also a member of the (Im)Possibles; a Guildhall-based collective led by Paul Griffiths who write and perform an exciting combination of Jazz Afrobeat Prog Classical Hip Hop and other influences involving a 20+ strong band with singers, spoken word artists, keyboardists, winds, horns, strings and a full rhythm section. The band made their live debut to a packed Barbican Centre on Sunday 12th November 2017 and plan to play further live dates soon.