This is the web page for London-based Composer & Keyboardist Joshan Mahmud.

10. Joshan Mahmud Pic

Joshan Mahmud is a British-born composer of Bangladeshi heritage. Having studied at Dulwich College and Goldsmiths, University of London, he has gained a reputation as an eclectic and original composer whose Moda Trio (also featuring his long-time musical partner-in-crime Sylvain Meneux) have been successful in Post-Jazz territory including the Demerara Records release of their album Bricks and Mortar in 2016.

He now has a new solo album of contemporary classical, electronic and ambient music out entitled A Human Tone. It has already had airplay on Exile FM and other stations.

Joshan composes electronic and experimental music; utilising both his advanced musical knowledge and his considerable IT skills. His latest track Transitions brings these influences together and is featured on the Vanishing Point compilation album on Demerara Records released on 1st November 2018.