Neil March


Three Short Stories (Demerara Records, 2019); Urban Art Music (Demerara Records, 2014)

SIngles & EPs:

Overground Sound EP (Dimple Discs, 2022)*, Live at AMP Studios EP (Demerara Records, 2022)*; Street Recordings [Part 1] (Demerara Records, 2021); Alternatives To Despair EP (Demerara Records, 2020);  Sounds Converge EP (Demerara Records, 2018); Prelude (Demerara Records, 2018)*, Water [1st Movement]* (Demerara Records, 2017); Music To Plan Towns By EP (Demerara Records, 2017) *The Music of Sound

Compilation Tracks: The Road To Aberdare (Vanishing Point Vol. 1, Demerara Records, 2018); Metrospectra III (This Is Tomorrow Calling, Demerara Records, 2015)

Environmental Sound Foundation

Singles & EPs:

Environmental Sound Foundation EP (Demerara Records, 2019); Sonic Sketchbook EP (Demerara Records, 2018); Disunited Nations EP (Demerara Records, 2018)

Compilation Tracks:

\Tibet (Tiny Band in the middle of the Rainforest, 2020); The Grass Is Greener (Vanishing Point Vol. 1, Demerara Records, 2018)


Album: Library Music Vol. 1 (Demerara Records, 2018)

Sountrack Music: Docking On Severn’s Shore (Film as yet untitled, 2020)

Dreamscape City Sinfonia

Singles & EPs:

Bad Love (DPT Records, 2017); Desire (DPT Records, 2017); Red Yellow Green (DPT Records, 2017); Reasonsexcuses (DPT Records, 2017); Hello World (DPT Records, 2016); Little Epics EP (Demerara Records, 2016)



The Blame Game/Our World (DPT Records, 2016); Wind me up/Say what you wanna say (DPT Records, 2016)

Compilation Track:

Modern World (Skanking across the world Vol. 3, Unicorn Records, 1989)

Kevin East

Album: Kevin East (Ravensbourne Records, 2003)


Together (Kevin East Music, 2016); Everything you do (Ravensbourne Records, 2003)

Compilation Tracks:

Everything You Do (Soul Unsigned, 2012); Baby I can’t stop (Soul Unsigned, 2010)

Junction 8

EP: West Skyline (MSQ Music 1998)

The Juggler Quartet

Soundtrack Music: The Juggler (Advert, Scottish Hotels TV, 1983)

The Electrostats

Cassette EP: The Boilerhouse Tapes (Zap Records, 1980)