Demerara Records is a label and hub for new music. That’s why we have the slogan – NEW MUSIC: NEW THINKING !!!! You will see it used as a hashtag on many of our Twitter posts too.

We have declared Demerara Records an Intellectual Snobbery-Free Zone. 🙂

To book any of our artists and composers for a live date, interview or session you can email us at dptmusicdigital@gmail.com

To get in touch with us or submit articles, you can email DemeraraRecords@yahoo.co.uk or you can find us on:








2 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. Dear Demerara Records,
    I came across your music in Sound Cloud and was impressed by the range and high quality of the tracks. I would like to submit some things for your consideration. I am an independent composer / performer living in Seattle. The pieces are:
    Kindergarten Word Ring: https://soundcloud.com/davidhahn/kindergarten-word-ring
    Lightning on Saturn: https://soundcloud.com/davidhahn/lightning-on-saturn
    Like you thought… :https://soundcloud.com/davidhahn/like-you-thought-1
    as well as the following pieces which also have videos:
    Corporate Coitus: https://vimeo.com/123149117
    Apocalypse Cow : https://vimeo.com/28742094

    Thank you very much for your consideration.

    David Hahn


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