Josie serious piano Dina bassJosie piano smiling

Josie is a 21 year old singer-songwriter from Wingrave in Buckinghamshire. Her new Josie EP is out now on Demerara Records. Already there has been airplay on several radio stations including Exile FMRKC and Lonely Oak Radio. Josie also appeared playing a live lockdown version of the Bill Withers classic Ain’t no sunshine on Edition 1 of Trust The Doc TV.

Prior to lockdown Josie was close to completing her first tour along with stable mate Cholly. Josie had also embarked on a series of live dates for Caffe Nero Music which will continue once things return to normal. She usually performs live accompanied by friend and multi-instrumentalist Dina Konradsen.

Check out her songs here. Follow Josie on Instagram. See details of her UK tour here. And check out a solo video of her performing a soul classic in her house here.

A student of the University of Hertfordshire, where she is studying music composition and production, she has been quietly building a reputation for her dynamic live performances. Now signed with Demerara Records, she has been playing a series of live showcases including a fantastic peformance for Vanishing Point @ The Ivy House on 6th June 2019, her first tour and a bunch of gigs around Herts and Bucks.