Tomorrow Calling Campaign rises a level

With the This is Tomorrow Calling album and promo materials about to go out to key radio stations and shows this week, we have been busy trying to create an even bigger buzz on social media. In particular we are trying to capture the attention of those key media figures who we hope will enable us to take our new music campaign to a wider audience.

You can massively help us if you like by doing the following:

1.    Log onto Facebook, go to the pages for The Wire (Public Forum), Late Junction (BBC Radio 3), Nova (RTE Lyric FM), Sinfini Music, BBC Music Magazine & Gramophone. Find a post from Neil March that begins ‘No need to listen to self-serving elitists ….’ (which is usually found on the left of the screen under the heading Posts to Page) and ‘like’ the post. Also, if you haven’t already done so, visit and ‘like’ the Demerara Records and Hornetmuziq Press Facebook pages. You can find lots of info on them too.

2.    Log onto Twitter, find recent tweets about the #Tomorrow Calling project (@demerararecords, @hornetmuziq & @Neilmarch), retweet them and star them.

3.    Spread the word and encourage as many people as possible to get involved in our broad non-elitist conversation across the progressive interests in new music.

Thanks and keep loving new music. 🙂


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