The leading music media promo site ArtistRack has four tracks by three Demerara Records artists on its front page this week. There are two tracks from talented young Norwegian composer and recording artist Fivrel‘s (aka Jostein Avdem Fretland) stunning futuristic electronic art music album The Drawing Board, the mindbending Glitch-Electronic-Ambient The Blessed Martyr and the modal-electronic tp-101.

Then there is equally talented young English composer and recording artst Guy Avern‘s electro-futurist-modal track Power from his amazing electronic-ambient-futuristic meets contemporary classical set As I float away.

And for the second time in as many months there is also enigmatic Welsh-European collective Dreamscape City Sinfonia‘s warm ambient electronic track Antarctica from their Little Epics EP which combines those influences with filmic classical and modal Jazz inflections.

Visit and click on the relevant image to read about the individual tracks and see links to social media pages and free audio.



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