Click on our Menu to download or stream whole albums EPs or individual tracks by a unique spectrum of composers and recording artists involved in contemporary classical and related music. Just choose the method that suits you (i.e. iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.) and look at the range of material from Futuristic Electronica and Ambient Music to polyrhythmic post-tonal classical or from Spectral to Synth or from Industrial to Minimal and so on.

Demerara Records is home to a broad alliance of non-elitist progressive forces in music. We have declared the label an Intellectual Snobbery-Free Zone. It’s about fresh original and exciting new music with no artificial boundaries. You can use the Menu to click on Videos and Tracks to check stuff out for free first.

Offers include downloads of tracks from Amazon for 75p, discounts on older material and streaming of all our music via Spotify and Apple. Hope you find something you like on here.

And you can find us on Facebook @ and follow us on Twitter – @DemeraraRecords. #NewMusicNewThinking 🙂


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