We are officially announcing today that, with so many albums stacking up for release between now and the end of 2016, Demerara Records unfortunately cannot accept any further submissions until 2017.

We have released two albums this month with Moda Trio‘s Bricks and Mortar and Nicolas Horvath‘s Acedia. Nicolas also has two more albums coming out (Cardew and Satie music) over the next two months plus we have albums planned by Backspace, Sue Rynhart, Chris Hutchings and Bar Markovich.

It will be a challenge to make sure all these albums are properly resourced, promoted and distributed as effectively as possible. It is an exciting challenge of course. But it does mean we have to draw the line at this point and say no to any more proposed releases until we are satisfied that we are ready to take on new projects.

In the meantime, we hope you will share in our excitement as the current and existing eight releases are joined by another six between now and December taking our release schedule to twelve in one year and fourteen in two.

Last but not least, thanks to everyone for your ongoing support. Thanks to you, the label is getting behind all these amazing projects. 🙂


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