Demerara Records and our Pop music sister label DPT Records are looking for your ideas and opinions. We (i.e. DPT Music Digital inc. Demerara & DPT Records) are considering putting on a one or two day Conference at a venue in Lewisham Borough (due to our relationship with SCS Ltd & Lewisham Borough Council) around the theme of A Digital Future for Independent Music with topics that may include variations on themes such as:

– How Streaming has forced artists & entrepreneurs to refocus their income sources
– Is there a long-term future for paid downloads?
– The Growing Importance of online media in representing new music
– The influence and impact of Social Media on independent music
– Digital Distribution: Diversification & Expansion
– The roles of membership organisations in supporting artists and entrepreneurs
– Digital Innovation: What changes should we be preparing for?
– Radio: How will national & local radio maintain their influence on the music we listen to?

Of course the Conference would be open to other relevant topics that people might suggest they present papers about. We already have confirmation from PRS that they would be happy to send a guest speaker along.

The Conference needs to be financially viable but we want it to be affordable and to not people off attending due to cost; not least since the project we are involved in with SCS & Lewisham is partly social enterprise-driven so we are thinking of something like charging £40 for those proposing to present on their chosen topics and then £20 per ticket for everyone else (with the caveat that there will be a few guest speakers invited who will not be charged). We would ideally want guest speakers to waive any fee though it is possible we can pay some expenses.

We are particularly keen to hear what others think about:

– the subject matter
– the potential prices for presenters and attendees
– the likelihood of people being prepared to come to S.E. London
– when it should take place in order to give sufficient time to organise the event and                confirm presenters

Feel free to email your thoughts queries or proposals to or post on our Facebook page here.


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