Composer and Pianist Dilara Aydin-Corbett has joined Neil March & The Music of Sound. Dilara, who became a close friend of Neil’s when they met at Goldsmiths University in 2011 and has performed Neil’s music in the past, will bring both her playing and her composing skills to the ensemble lending it an extended musical remit.

Neil told Demerara Records: ‘I am delighted that Dilara has agreed to join our group. She is much more than just an excellent pianist. Her composing and arranging skills and her positive energy will infuse our music and make us a better ensemble. We have been friends for nearly six years and have talked constantly about collaborating. Now we have that opportunity which is very exciting’.

Writing on social media Dilara exclaimed ‘My good friend and composer Neil March, who recently had the opportunity to play at the Latitude Festival, has asked me to join his group The Music of Sound on keys!! I am so excited to collaborate’.



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