The Unfinished Exhibition took place at the Barbican Exhibition Centre on Friday (24th November 2017). It featured a number of installations and performances by postgraduate students from Guildhall School of Music & Drama.

There were a good few intriguing and original performances and installations throughout the afternoon including powerful and highly personal interactive works by Dilara Aydin-Corbett and Clara Yang which it would be impossible to attempt to describe in a short article but which provoked a range of responses and emotions with those who chose to interact with them.

Musical highlight of the afternoon was a compelling and beautifully crafted chamber work by postgraduate fellow of Guildhall and talented composer Geoffa Fells. Her command of dissonant harmonic language, counterpoint and individual techniques combined cleverly with the accompanying visual imagery. We will be keeping a look out to see how her career develops but she has the potential to be an important voice in the continuing evolution of British Contemporary Music.

There was also an impressive a capella performance involving female and male voices using drones and noises instead of lyrics (possibly including improvisatory elements) to build an intriguing sound world and cool harmonies.

All in all it was a varied and impressive exhibition that underlined the commitment to thought-provoking creativity amongst Guildhall’s prodigiously talented postgraduate set.


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