The following tribute has been posted on social media by Demerara Records head and composer Neil March to XTended Radio and its founder Bert Konning who announced the station’s closure today. 

‘I am sad to hear from Bert Konning that he has taken the unique XTended Radio off air for the foreseeable future. Bert explained his reasons in an email to me but I will not be divulging those on here.

I just want to say a massive thank you on behalf of myself and other artists whose music I have released and promoted through my label Demerara Records and in my media promo role as DPT Music Digital. Bert worked tirelessly to support new music and give upcoming artists the opportunity to be played repeatedly on XTended and to be heard by his considerable following. He will be missed. I wish Bert all the best in whatever he does next and maybe someday we will see XTended back on line. :)’


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