Saturday 29th September 2018 saw the start of our crowdfunding campaign for the groundbreaking compilation album Vanishing Point (Vol. 1). See the below image for a list of the artists contributing to it.

VP Vol 1 Front & Back Covers

Until the official release of the album on 1st November anyone who purchases the exclusive pre-release download from Bandcamp will receive a CD copy of the album following its release. 

Your money will help us pay for CD pressing and associated costs and will mean we can sell copies of the album at our live events and hopefully make enough money to pay our talented musicians something too.

Vanishing Point (Vol. 1) is a 19-track compilation of experimental, leftfield, electronic and contemporary classical music. Click here to read more about it.

Please note a few of the longest tracks have been slightly shortened to fit the album on the CD version. These are minor edits and the download version contains the full length versions.


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