We are very excited to announce that Vanishing Point will move from being every other month to the first Thursday of every month at the beautiful Ivy House in Nunhead from 4th April 2019.

Neil March @ VP 6 December

Demerara Records head & composer Neil March explained: ‘It is still our intention to alternate between Vanishing Point and Vanishing Point Solo but the difference is that, from April, all the gigs will be at the Ivy House where the facilities are so good and our relationship with the venue is first class. In fairness our relationship with the Cafe of Good Hope is great too but there are practical reasons why it is not ideal for what we are trying to do, particularly as a long term project’.

The first gig in the new monthly series will be the one featuring Luvia, Yvonne Hercules and Environmental Sound Foundation. Details can be found here.



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