As of our next release, Jaffro‘s 6-track EP Solo Figure Melting Down The Stryd (out on Bandcamp from 4th October & available on all digital platforms from 8th November), Demerara Records will be using CD Baby for all digital releases.

Front Cover

Pic: Jaffro’s Solo Figure Melting Down The Stryd EP

Demerara Records head Neil March explains: ‘We have been happy with the service from Tunecore over the past couple of years but their renewal price is a disincentive to retain releases on digital platforms once they are a year old. CD Baby’s upfront charges are significantly higher than Tunecore’s but there are no renewal costs, making theirs a better deal in the longer term. That is the only reason for the switch. In reality these are the two best and most reliable digital distributors so it is purely an economic decision. Tunecore will continue to distribute existing titles that are less than a year old’.

There are no current plans for any other new releases in 2019 although a date has yet to be confirmed for the forthcoming single by Josie.


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