Due to a decision by the management of The Ivy House, the external promoters whose gigs have, until now, been on Thursday nights will move to Tuesdays from March 2020 onwards. That means Vanishing Point will, subject to further discussion, be switched to the first Tuesday of the month after the gig on Thursday 6th February. We understand the reasons. Thursday events are not making enough money and the venue needs to be able to generate income from hire events on popular nights in order to survive.

Although it is surprising given the high attendances we had in the second half of 2019, we have to accept the situation. The Ivy House went through closure before and was rescued by the current committee of local people. We all want to see it go on and continue to be a place where new music talent can thrive.

At this stage it is impossible to say exactly what will happen as there are some details to be ironed out concerning the existing arrangements.

Demerara Records’ Neil March explains: ‘I am hopeful that these issues will be resolved next week and that the move to Tuesdays will go ahead for the foreseeable future. If they can’t be resolved however, there is a possibility that I will have no choice but to move Vanishing Point to another venue. Hopefully not but it is not in my hands. In the same way that the venue needs to make money I need to have deals with venues that are realistic and enable me to afford to pay bands and artists to perform. Vanishing Point, indeed my entire operation, is a not-for-profit venture supporting new music and the people who create it. I hope the committee will recognise that they have to have policies that don’t drive promoters away. It is not the kind of venue that can demand big hire fees when other similar sized venues in the area do not do so’.

‘So there is a possibility that the next Vanishing Point on 6th February will be the last I ever put on at the Ivy House. I hope not but either way it WILL be the last one ever to be held on the first Thursday of the month’.

‘I hope therefore that as many of you as possible will come along and support the event and if it is goodbye we can go out with a great party. It’s a UK tour opener for Josie & Cholly. HOL is also playing and will be involved with three of the tour dates in total. And we have the amazing Eddy Smith too. We have built a great new music community at a beautiful venue. Come and be part of it for what might be the last time before we move on. Let’s make it a great night’.


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