Environmental Sound Foundation is an experimental project originated by Neil March. The Disunited Nations EP was released by Demerara Records on 11th May and the track Tibet has been featured on music and broadcasting legend Tom Robinson‘s BBC 6 Music Mixtape Show on 7th May 2018. Listen to the EP here. 

Disunited Nations Cover Art

The concept of Environmental Sound Foundation is to infuse a broadly Electro-Dub-Funk and Alternative Pop sound with techniques usually associated with Contemporary Classical, Jazz and World Music genres including modal/atonal harmony, passages of ametrical rhythm and some of Neil’s own innovations such as Accord-Discord and Imperfect Symmetry which he has used in his contemporary classical works. To hear atonality in an electro-dub-funk track listen to the forthcoming single 200 Seconds.

Neil also performs live as Environmental Sound Foundation; performing with synth, laptop and mixer including festivals such as Good Hope Fest in Ladywell Fields and the Demerara Records Presents … live series at Ivy House.

Download the podcast of the BBC 6 Music Mixtape here.

Check out Environmental Sound Foundation‘s BBC Artist Page here.