Working with our media promotion partners Hornetmuziq Press and strategic partners Promote Classical, Demerara Records are playing a leading role in the establishment of the New Music Network. The network is inspired by the example of the famous Indie cartel in the nineteen-eighties which enabled UK independent labels to get their releases into a network of specialist stores. But the New Music Network is not about distribution (which is already amply taken care of by our excellent contemporary classical specialists Dart Music who get all our releases into every established digital retail and streaming platform). This Network is focused on media promotion.

So how will it work? At the moment, we promote the music we release through two distinct networks. One is the established radio and press around the world who have an interest in contemporary classical and related music. That includes radio stations with a massive international audience such as BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 6 Music and Resonance FM as well as non-UK stations and it also means magazines like The Wire, BBC Music etc. and national newspapers. A huge amount of work goes into trying to get these organisations to play or review our music and, in truth, what we get in return is often very modest. The other is an online network of radio stations which are serviced through an external plugger. They deliver a good level of individual plays on stations across the world based on information we provide about the kinds of music potential fans are likely to listen to and what territories are a priority for us. However we only get limited information about where our music has been played and most of those serviced probably have very small audiences. So although the exposure to suitable listeners is great and we do get a reasonable number who register as fans, the impact in terms of building fanbases and selling albums is not big.

So we have decided, in discussion with fellow organisations, that instead of moaning about lack of support from the established media, we need to build a new network of online radio stations, fanzines, blogs etc. that are committed to supporting and promoting new music to the widest possible audiences. The benefit for the online media folks is that we will be encouraging our followers to listen to their shows and visit their websites. The benefit for us and the musicians we support is the likelihood of sustained airplay (rather than a one-off play here and there on a major show), reviews and publicity targeted at an audience that is engaged with and interested in the wide spectrum of new music we represent.

We are also still looking into the logistics of adding our own internet radio station as part of this network. So look out for more news on here as the idea begins to take shape. 🙂


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