We have had confirmation today that there will be one track per night from the album This is Tomorrow Calling played on all three editions of this week’s Late Junction on BBC Radio Three with the legendary Max Reinhardt. And, on what we are now calling our Super Thursday, Resonance FM will be broadcasting the one hour Clear Spot featuring presenter Daniel Ross chatting with Demerara Records’ head and composer Neil March between playing tracks from This is Tomorrow Calling and running short interviews with some of the composers on the album.

The three editions of Late Junction are on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (20 – 22 October) commencing at 11PM (UK time). Tuesday will see Anna Murray‘s track Aimai played on the show while, on Wednesday, it will be Guy Avern with Robot heart beats on the Land and Thursday’s line-up includes Marc Yeats with one of his two Conversations from the Temple of Hermes.

The Resonance FM Clear Spot edition broadcasts at 8PM (UK time) on 104.4FM in the Greater London area and worldwide @ Composers and Groups whose works feature in the show are Veera Lummi (formerly Markkanen), Fivrel (aka Jostein Avdem Fretland), Anna Murray, Elliot Corner, Marc Yeats, Moda Trio, Jamal Dorce, Neil March and Backspace.


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