Sunday afternoon (12th November 2017) saw the Barbican Centre host a day of free performances including a stunning set from the (Im)Possibles; a 20+ strong collective of instrumentalists, singers and spoken word artists formed at but not exclusively drawn from Guildhall College of Music & Drama. Among their line-up was Demerara Records composer and pianist Dilara Aydin-Corbett and others who are likely to be involved with the label’s upcoming recording projects.

The group is led by Guildhall tutor Paul Griffiths who conducts while playing guitar and features a full rhythm section plus winds, horns, flutes, keyboards, singers and spoken word artists whose style verges on Hip Hop at times. Their music, all written by the group, is broadly a combination of Jazz Afrobeat Classical Prog Funk Hip Hop and various related influences. Their live energy is infectious, everyone swaying and partying on the stage and making a truly joyous sound.

Also spotted there in the audience were Demerara Records‘ composers and artists Neil March (who was also engaged in a lengthy conversation with another member of the (Im)Possibles about future projects) plus Joshan Mahmud and Sylvain Meneux. A little birdie tells us Moda Trio may have metamorphosised into a Quartet. So watch this space … 

Look out for more news about the (Im)Possibles soon.


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