Plans continue to move forward for Demerara Records composer and recording artist Neil March and The Music of Sound with an album and tour project in motion. While Neil waits on decisions by two well-known music industry organisations about possible funding awards he is also exploring the option for crowd-funding.

Neil conducting better shotThe Music of Sound at Latitude

Neil told DemeraraRecords.com ‘Even if I am fortunate enough to receive funding from one of the bodies I am waiting for news from, I may still pursue the crowd-funding route. I know it will be hard work and will take a gargantuan effort to raise significant funds but it will also give me greater freedom to mix and match the musicians I want to work with both in recording what will be an epic album, over an hour and around 14 tracks and in the subsequent live shows. I have had some amazing advice from fellow artists who have been down this route before and are full of ideas for raising extra cash. So I am thinking very seriously about it now’.

Neil is looking at a number of options including linking advance payment for the album with free tickets to gigs, free extra tracks and unreleased video ‘shorts’. He will also be taking some advice from other successful artist friends like The Untied Knot and Rothko.

Meanwhile we received another piece of exciting news; namely that another BBC Introducing artist who played the same stage at Latitude 2017 as Neil and TMOS may be playing support sets at some of the shows on the proposed tours. If this happens it will be a treat for audiences.

Look out for more news coming soon.


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