Trust The Doc TV: Edition 2

Screenshot 2020-05-15 at 11.30.52Screenshot 2020-05-15 at 11.36.33

The buzz is still going on from Edition 1 but now Edition 2 of Trust The Doc TV is going out on YouTube on Tuesday (19th May) at 8PM. It will last for an hour and a quarter due to the sheer amount of content in the one edition.

Demerara Records’ Neil Marchsays: ‘I am so excited about Edition 2. The positivity and love that has been poured on us after the first one has been amazing but actually this one has way more content, all of it good quality and without the volume issues we had at times with the opener. I can’t wait for people to see it’.

Edition 2 features videos of live lockdown performances by Dan Maitland’s End of the World Party Band; Phoebe Coco; Sharon Lazibyrd; Fragile Creatures and a 5-minute live lockdown DJ set of his own tracks by Pimlican. There are videos of tracks by Lunar Bird; Machina X; Man Eat Grass; The Reverse; Polarized Eyes; Violent Vickie; Debris Discs and The JoJo Man Band plus interviews with Amey St Cyr and Kongo Dia Ntotila’s Mulele Matondo and a feature about Trust The Doc Radio with audio clips of Hazy Sofia; Sam Slatcher; Guitar PK and Become The Sky.

Find it at the Trust The Doc Video Channel from 8PM on Tuesday 19th May here.


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