Wow what a week !!!

It has been quite a week for all things relating to Demerara Records and Trust The Doc. To subscribe to the YouTube channel and watch all editions, including future ones, of Trust The Doc TV click here.

Screenshot 2020-05-15 at 11.30.52Screenshot 2020-05-15 at 11.36.33Josie Spotify Artwork

So what has all the excitement been about? Well Edition 2 of Trust The Doc TV was a triumph thanks to amazing content from all the talented music artists who appeared in it. Well over 200 views and counting so far.

Then there was the release of Josie‘s debut EP digitally worldwide after months of it only being available at live shows as a limited edition CD. It has already been played on Exile FM, Lonely Oak Radio and RKC. More airplay to follow we hope and the lyric video is now doing the rounds on social media.

The Trust The Doc Radio Show has enjoyed another strong week with over 5,600 listeners live or by podcast and another nailbiting Track of the Week poll that went down to the wire. The midweek podcast show Trust The Doc Extra is also building and this week it was an afterparty show for the TV show that aired on YouTube the previous night.

Last but not least Neil March‘s book The Independent Music Sector (2nd Edition) continues to sell and has received a couple of wonderful reviews from customers on the Amazon site. As the blurb points out it has more than twice the content of the first edition but for the same low price of £10 for the paperback. So if you are looking for a book that tells you all the essential information about operating across all the different areas of independent music it’s a no-brainer!



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