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As the audience continues to grow for the Trust the Doc Radio show and its midweek podcast extra show so the numbers and types of submissions to the show are rising too. So presenter and producer Neil March has issued the following statement on the show’s social media pages.

Hey Music Lovers, as S Express once cried, a quick word on airplay given the levels of submissions to my Trust The Doc radio show. I definitely don’t want to discourage anyone from sending me tracks. It’s a privilege to receive and broadcast so much cool new music.

But it is a fact that the numbers regularly tuning in live and interacting with me and with fellow listeners continues to rise and so does the number of people accessing the podcast between live shows.

The midweek pre-recorded podcast show Trust The Doc Extra is also now seeing a week on week increase in listeners. I am massively grateful and hope it carries on. It does mean though that I am getting more and more labels, managers, pluggers, PR people and agents bringing me content every week, most of it being of a good standard too. And more artists are sending me direct submissions too. This is in addition to tracks I am picking up via Fresh on the Net moderation. So I have had to look at my policy for airplay.

It means sadly I am having to say no to some artists (which I really don’t like doing) purely because of the time I have each week to play new tracks. I recognise that repeat plays are really valuable to aspiring artists so I am trying to play a lot of tracks more than once but that is not always possible. The midweek show allows me to play more than was previously possible but I would need even more shows to play everything and, as things stand, that is not a practical possibility. So I apologise to anyone who has sent me music that has not been played.

I am continuously working through what I’ve been sent and playing as much new music as possible. As ever please don’t be put off submitting. And massive thanks to everyone who keeps on supporting the show. Saturday was an absolute blast. You can still hear it on the podcast at http://exilefm.com/podcasts/trust-the-doc-47.



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