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Demerara Records wishes everyone a Happy New Music Year. We believe 2016 is set to be a fantastic year for new music.

And we hope to contribute to that event through the digital worldwide release of EPs & albums by Dreamscape City Sinfonia, Guy Avern, Duo Diez & many more to follow as well as further cool compilations. So keep checking in on this site for news updates and tracks.

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First Airplay for This is Tomorrow Calling Album

With three weeks to go to the worldwide digital release of Demerara Records’ groundbreaking compilation album This is Tomorrow Calling we have had our first confirmation of a track being listed for airplay. Veera Markkanen’s superb piece for Cello and Electronics 12 Seconds of Light has been picked up by Berlin’s Twenty Sound radio station who have confirmed it will feature in a programme about Finnish and related music but will also be played on other shows thereafter. Look out for news of¬†when the¬†first broadcast is happening.

And Demerara Records can also report positive feedback from other radio stations in the UK and Norway with more set to join in the weeks ahead.

In the meantime, congratulations to Veera and let’s continue to spread the word about this extraordinary album bringing together¬†three hours of a uniquely¬†broad spectrum of contemporary music genres.

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Tomorrow Calling Campaign rises a level

With the This is Tomorrow Calling album and promo materials about to go out to key radio stations and shows this week, we have been busy trying to create an even bigger buzz on social media. In particular we are trying to capture the attention of those key media figures who we hope will enable us to take our new music campaign to a wider audience.

You can massively help us if you like by doing the following:

1.¬†¬†¬† Log onto Facebook, go to the pages for The Wire (Public Forum), Late Junction (BBC Radio 3), Nova (RTE Lyric FM),¬†Sinfini Music, BBC Music Magazine & Gramophone. Find a post from Neil March that begins ‘No need to listen to self-serving elitists ….’ (which is usually found on the left of the screen under the heading Posts to Page) and ‘like’ the post. Also, if you haven’t already done so, visit and ‘like’ the Demerara Records and Hornetmuziq Press Facebook pages. You can find lots of info on them too.

2.    Log onto Twitter, find recent tweets about the #Tomorrow Calling project (@demerararecords, @hornetmuziq & @Neilmarch), retweet them and star them.

3.    Spread the word and encourage as many people as possible to get involved in our broad non-elitist conversation across the progressive interests in new music.

Thanks and keep loving new music. ūüôā


The media promotion campaign for our groundbreaking compilation album This is Tomorrow Calling gets underway this week. Magazines with early submission dates will be first to receive our promotional materials with radio stations, websites and other media to follow from mid-July. The album is released on 17th August 2015.

The album, a download-only triple compilation lasting just over three hours, contains music directly chosen by twenty-six composers (and ensembles) from twenty nationalities covering a uniquely broad range of contemporary genres united by their role in offering progressive original ideas in twenty-first century art music. Styles range from Modern Classical to Ambient Minimalism, Electroacoustic to Post-Jazz, Industrial to Improv, Synth-Electronica to Spectral Music and so on. Nothing like this has ever been attempted before, especially on such a large scale.

Although the tracks that appear on the album are not available to download yet, you can hear different tracks by some of the composers @ or by logging onto our Free Music Downloads page on the main menu.

We are also working on funding bids to help us put on three live multi-media events in London between November 2015 and June 2016 to further promote the music of these and other new music composers.

In the meantime please visit our Facebook ( and Twitter (@demerararecords) pages and look out for the hashtag #TomorrowCalling  which accompanies features on all our composers. Last but not least, use our main menu to read about the composers and click on links to youtube and soundcloud.

Gearing up for release of groundbreaking compilation album

Preparations are in full flow for the release of our incredible triple album This is Tomorrow Calling featuring twenty-six composers from twenty different nationalities. No-one has ever attempted anything like this before; over three hours of music from Contemporary Classical to Progressive Trance, from Electroacoustic Music to Post Jazz, from Synth Electronica to Ambient Minimalism, from Spectral Music to Piano Improv.

As previously reported we have agreed a worldwide digital distribution deal with DART Music, the Nashville Tennessee based distributors who are currently the only specialists in digital classical material in the world. Artwork and Design has been taken care of by one of our many talented composers Julian Broadhurst and fellow artist Jim Tetlow. View our Gallery to see what a fantastic job they have done.

In the meantime, you can hear three hours of other tracks by a number of our composers at our Soundcloud page Р Рor go to our Free Music Tracks page to listen to some of them there and read our brief descriptions.

Just leaves us to say thanks for following Demerara Records and supporting our construction of a broad non-elitist alliance of progressive interests in new music. Remember to follow us on Twitter (@demerararecords) and to visit and ‘like’ our Facebook page ( Keep spreading the word. Love, peace and great music to you all. ūüôā ¬†#livingbreathingart ūüôā

International Composer Compilation Album

Plans continue to move ahead for our compilation album showcasing the music of a range of contemporary composers spanning four continents. There have been some very significant meetings taking place and contacts being made which are helping us to build a much better platform for our music.

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